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Front Desk Security





Security Solutions

Custom Security Services
  • Uniformed Security Guards and Officers

  • Mobile On-Foot & Vehicle Patrols

  • Armed Transport & Courier Services

  • Reception & Concierge Services

  • Explosive Detection Canines – Bomb Dogs

  • Drug Detection Canines

  • Control Room / CCTV Monitoring

  • Certified Fireguards

  • Plainclothes / Undercover Personnel

  • Custom-tailored services to meet client needs

The quality of our service stems from our client-centered approach and our history of professionalism. Business administrators and owners who are committed to the security of their business should consult experienced practitioners like Johnson Security Bureau that have the knowledge and expertise to offer effective security solutions.

We take client service seriously. As a result of our operational expertise and hands-on management, our clients are able to better protect their assets, generate better revenues, reduce expenses, and deliver better service to their clients and customers.

We provide the following security solutions to our clients:

  • Armed Guard Services

  • Unarmed Guard Services

  • Facility Management

  • Transport & Courier Services

  • Security Guard & Officer Training

  • Custom Security Services

  • Corporate Facilities

  • Healthcare Facilities

  • Construction & Real Estate

  • Transportation & Infrastructure

  • Manufacturing & Industry

  • College and School Construction

  • Government Agencies

  • Non-Profits

  • Film Productions

  • Sports Venues

  • Executive Protection

  • Custom Client Services

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