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Services & Solutions

Services & Solutions
Uniformed Security Services

Uniformed Security Guards and Officers:

Our uniformed security guards and officers are assigned to observe, report, prevent, and respond to security threats and emergency situations. Our guards and officers carry out detailed procedures to ensure that emergencies and security threats are readily discovered and reported, and in the event of immediate threats to persons or physical property, they are trained to safely intervene. Each guard and officer receives site-specific training and must maintain physical fitness standards. These guards are generally unarmed. 

Armed Guard Services

Armed Security Guards and Officers:

Our armed security personnel provide protective services and also observe, report, prevent, and respond to security threats and emergency situations. Our armed guards and officers are required to demonstrate proficiency with firearms and other lethal and non-lethal security weapons such as tasers, and to meet physical fitness standards. Each guard or officer receives job-specific as well as site-specific training and most armed guards and officers at JSB have at least five years of experience working in an armed capacity. These guards may be uniformed or plain-clothed, depending on need.

Foot Patrol Services

Foot Patrols:

Our uniformed security personnel are available to conduct foot patrols around the premises of client sites to prevent theft and vandalism as well as to observe, report, and prevent security threats and emergency situations. Our staff utilizes an electronic Guard Tour Management system, which allows us to provide detailed incident reporting and to modify or adjust security protocols as needed.

Mobile Vehicle Patrols

Mobile / Vehicle Patrols:

We offer vehicle patrol services conducted by well-trained security professionals in a highly-visible marked vehicle to serve as a deterrent for theft and vandalism. Our vehicle patrol officers patrol client premises at low speeds, making periodic stops to check doors, gates, and locks, and to ensure overall site and facility safety. The frequency of patrol is catered to each client and determined by facility size and needs.

Armed Transport & Courier Services

Armored Transport & Courier Services:

We offer discrete armored transportation and courier services including cash pickup, armed pick-up and drop-off, and executive protection services for local and federal agencies as well as corporate and local organizations. Our armed Transport Officers are required to demonstrate high proficiency with firearms and other security weapons and to meet rigorous physical fitness standards. Most armed guards and officers at JSB have at least five years of experience working in an armed capacity, and travel in marked or unmarked armored vehicles depending on client need.

Reception & Concierge Services

Reception & Concierge Services:

At JSB, we offer tailored reception and concierge services to a variety of clients and facilities including property managers, corporate offices and campuses, and hotel operators. Our capabilities include uniformed lobby attendants, desk attendants, doormen, access control officers, receptionists, concierge staff, and more, depending on site and circumstance. Our reception and concierge personnel are thoroughly trained in guest relations and undergo extensive background checks prior to assignment.


*** In consideration of Covid-19 guidelines, our reception and concierge personnel are able to conduct temperature screening and to enforce social distancing and other preventative measures, as requested or required. ***

Certified Fireguards

Certified Fireguards:

We provide professional, certified Fire Guards who are trained in fire prevention and to activate fire alarms, work many various types of fire extinguishers, are familiar with the functions of a sprinkler system, and are trained to evacuate a building quickly and efficiently. We maintain a close relationship with local fire safety officials, emergency personnel, and federal and local law enforcement agencies to ensure that we operate above and beyond expected standards and that our client sites remain sufficiently protected from the threat of fire.

Control Room CCTV Monitoring

Control Room / CCTV Monitoring:

Our security personnel are available to monitor, identify and resolve on-site security threats and vulnerabilities through our control room and closed circuit surveillance services. Our surveillance officers can provide real-time alerts to our clients and JSB management and can notify our uniformed guards and officers or local authorities if security breaches occur in order to prevent trespassing, intruders, theft, vandalism, and other security threats or emergencies.

Plainclothes Undercover Personnel

Plainclothes / Undercover Personnel:

For clients seeking a more discrete security presence in their corporate facilities or business, we offer plain-clothed security services as well as undercover security personnel. Our plain-clothed guards maintain the same level of training and service as our uniformed personnel, while matching the appropriate apparel standard for each client site, from casual to professional. Plainclothes officers are ideal for preventing theft, monitoring employees and visitors, and blending in with the environment of each client site or facility.

Explosive and Drug Detection Canines

Explosive and Drug Detection Canines:

Johnson Security Bureau’s Detection Dog Handlers utilize either a trained explosives or narcotics detection dog to conduct inspections and searches of buildings, structures, objects, aircraft, ships and watercraft, and open areas. Our Dog Handlers maintain written logs, reports, and canine records, and perform all duties in attire appropriate for each respective assignment.  Most Johnson Security Bureau Dog Handlers have prior law enforcement experience, have completed recognized canine training and detection training programs, and have at least two (2) years experience working with canine partners.

Custom-Tailored Services

Custom-Tailored Services:

At JSB, we are able to tailor our services to meet the needs of each client and to provide hands-on security management and consulting throughout the entire procurement and implementation process. Our management and staff work with each client to evaluate their security needs and to provide best-in-class services in every area of protection required. We are able to identify blind spots and areas of opportunity, and to modify our services as requested or as needed for each client.

Industries Served

Industries Served


Johnson Security Bureau has provided corporate security to a wide variety of businesses in the New York metropolitan area since 1962. 

We have have become the go-to provider for major corporations, small businesses, non-profits, and a variety of local and federal agencies.



Johnson Security Bureau tailors security solutions to unique client and industry challenges in the healthcare sector. With JSB managing the facility and mobile security of our clients, these healthcare providers can remain focused on providing the most outstanding patient care.


Construction & Real Estate:

Johnson Security Bureau serves as a strategic partner for our clients in the construction and real estate fields with a mission to provide an exceptional and professional level of full-time site security for any and all sites and projects served. We partner with property managers, developers, builders, and related clients to satisfy their security needs.


Transportation & Infrastructure:

Johnson Security Bureau works to protect various transportation and infrastructure projects including bridge maintenance, highway construction, railway protection, and much more. Our experience in the industry and work with agencies including the NYS DOT allows us to ensure a safe and secure transportation and infrastructural system.


Manufacturing & Industry:

Johnson Security Bureau works with various clients in manufacturing and commercial industries to secure warehousing and manufacturing facilities, prevent the damage and loss of goods, prevent commercial theft, and protect our client's people as well. We are an experienced provider with the ability to serve a variety of client needs.


College and School Construction:

Johnson Security Bureau serves as a strategic partner for our clients in the school construction industry with a mission to provide an exceptional and professional level of full-time site security for all sites and projects served. We specialize in college and school construction and can advise on security best practices as required.


Government Agencies:

Johnson Security Bureau has provided top security services to a wide variety of federal and local government agencies since 1962. We have become a go-to provider for a range of security needs on the local and federal level including concierge services, executive protection, armed guard services, and unarmed guard services. (Request information.)



Johnson Security Bureau works to protect various non-profit and community organizations in the New York metropolitan area and beyond. With JSB managing the security of our clients’ facilities, these organizations can remain focused on providing the most outstanding community-based service. (Request information.)


Film Productions:

Johnson Security Bureau serves as a strategic partner for our clients in the film and TV industry with a mission to provide an exceptional and professional level of security for all sites and projects served. We are able to secure active shoots and production facilities; prevent the damage, loss, and theft of equipment; and to protect talent and staff.


Sport & Entertainment Venues:

Johnson Security Bureau partners with various clients in the sports, entertainment, and special event fields to secure high-traffic events and venues in the New York metropolitan area and beyond. We are an experienced provider with the ability to serve a variety of client needs including uniformed security as well as access management and crowd control. Inquire for more information. 


Executive Protection:

Johnson Security Bureau is able to provide discrete executive protection services for individual, corporate, and government clients including armed escorts and uniformed or plain-clothed close protection services. We are able to tailor our services to meet client needs and to provide best-in-class service.


Custom Services:

Johnson Security Bureau is able to tailor our services to meet the needs of each client and to provide hands on security management through the procurement and implementation process. Our management and staff work with each client to evaluate their security needs and to provide best-in-class services as required to requested by each client.

Training Programs

Training Programs
johnson security bureau.jpg

Johnson Security Bureau is a certified Security Training School with the NYS Division of Criminal Justice Services (DCJS) and offers in-house training for the following programs:

  • 8-Hour Pre-Assignment Training

  • 16-Hour On-The-Job Training

  • Annual 8-Hour In-Service Training

For more information on our training programs and services, reach out to one of our Hiring or Talent Managers on our Contact page.

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