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Johnson Security Bureau Inc. brings more than five decades of experience providing security screening services to government and commercial clients, which includes screening personnel, travelers, and cargo entering secure areas and vehicles. As a third-generation, family-owned and operated firm, we maintain an impeccable record of providing our clients with peace of mind. This record is achieved by maintaining a thoroughly trained workforce that embodies our company’s values and a genuine concern for each client's business.

Screening Partnership Program

The TSA Screening Partnership Program (SPP) contracts security screening services at commercial airports to qualified private companies.These companies run screening operations under federal oversight and comply with all the TSA security screening procedures. They screen passengers and baggage (including cargo screened as baggage) for explosives, weapons, and other prohibited items through the use of a private, contract screening workforce under Federal oversight.

Services & Solutions

Uniformed Security Services
  • Screening persons entering designated security areas.

  • Screening baggage and other items entering designated security areas.

  • Checking travel documents (TDC).

  • Supporting activities on and off-airport grounds.

  • Supporting Advanced Threat Local Area Strategy (ATLAS) activities

  • Visible Intermodal Prevention and Response (VIPR) screening.

  • Screening passengers by Behavior Detection & Analysis (BDA).

  • Providing security training.

  • Performing preventative maintenance of designated screening equipment.

  • Program management and workforce management.

Smart Solutions

Control Room CCTV Monitoring
  • Unauthorized weapon detection/mitigation.

  • Foreign Object Detection.

  • Video/CCTV with Smart Analytics.

  • Contact-less Heightened Fever Detection (in crowds). Fever pre-check support.

  • Triage/holding area and telehealth solutions IoT solutions (crowd management, thermal screening, incident management, eForms, KPI dashboards, etc.).

Benefits to the Airports

  • Increased staffing flexibility (ramp up and ramp down) during peak and non-peak times. 

  • Increased customer service and customer satisfaction.

  • Increased passenger satisfaction, reduced passenger wait times.

  • Reduced flight delays and baggage mishandling.

  • Quickly train and re-train staff to adapt to changing rules and regulations. 

  • Ability to measure and monitor the staff performance.

Our Team's Value

​We have partnered with OST Inc., H&S Inc., and Pilot Catastrophe Inc., which brings expertise in program management, high-volume staffing, and workforce training. We also provide:​

Johnson Security Bureau, Inc.png

  • 100+ years of combined experience providing security services

  • 20+ years of experience supporting the Aviation industry

  • In-depth knowledge of TSA, FAA, and ICAO rules and regulations

  • Successfully manage large task orders with 100's of personnel

  • Transition operations and staff 100's of personnel within days

  • Dedicated training infrastructure

Application Process

  • STEP 1: Download the application form URL: screening-partnerships

  • STEP 2: Submit the application to the Federal Security Director (FSD) of your airport

  • STEP 3: The FSD forwards the application to the TSA

  • STEP 4: TSA Reviews the application and notifies you within 60 days

CAGE Code: 091Z8 | DUNS: 073269615 GSA Contract: GS07F0662X | Schedule 84 – Total Law Enforcement Solutions

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