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Services & Solutions

Construction & Real Estate


Johnson Security Bureau serves as a strategic partner for our clients in the construction and real estate fields with a mission to provide an exceptional and professional level of full-time site security for any and all sites and projects served. We partner with property managers, developers, builders, and related clients to satisfy their security needs.​


Foot Patrols:

Our uniformed security personnel are available to conduct foot patrols around the premises of client sites to prevent theft and vandalism as well as to observe, report, and prevent security threats and emergency situations. Our staff utilizes an electronic Guard Tour Management system, which allows us to provide detailed incident reporting and to modify or adjust security protocols as needed.

Certified Fireguards


We provide professional, certified Fire Guards who are trained in fire prevention and to activate fire alarms, work various types of fire extinguishers, are familiar with the functions of a sprinkler system, and are trained to evacuate a building quickly and efficiently. We maintain a close relationship with local fire safety officials, emergency personnel, and federal and local law enforcement agencies to ensure that we operate above and beyond expected standards and that our client sites remain sufficiently protected from the threat of fire.

Training Programs
Custom-Tailored Services

Custom Services:

At JSB, we are able to tailor our services to meet the needs of each client and to provide hands-on security management and consulting throughout the entire procurement and implementation process. Our management and staff work with each client to evaluate their security needs and to provide best-in-class services in every area of protection required. We are able to identify blind spots and areas of opportunity, and to modify our services as requested or as needed for each client.

Construction Security Training


Johnson Security Bureau is a certified Security Training School with the NYS Division of Criminal Justice Services (DCJS) and offers in-house training for the following programs:


  • 8-Hour Pre-Assignment Training

  • 16-Hour On-The-Job Training

  • Annual 8-Hour In-Service Training

We may also guide candidates through the certification process for the following certifications on a case-by-case basis:​

  • OSHA 10/30/40; Fireguard F-01, F-03, F-04; First Aid/CPR/AED; S-95; TWIC

For more information on our construction security services, reach out to one of our representatives through our Contact page.

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