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Family owned and operated since 1962.

Family Owned Business

Johnson Security Bureau, Inc. has been providing professional security, transport, patrol and protective services for nearly sixty years. 


Based in the Bronx, New York, Johnson Security was founded in 1962 and incorporated in the State of New York. We are the oldest Black-owned security firm in New York State and among the oldest Black-owned security firms in the country. As a third generation, family-owned-and-operated enterprise, Johnson Security has established an impeccable record of providing our clients with greater peace of mind.  


Our firm has achieved this record through a diligently screened, thoroughly trained security force that embodies a genuine concern for the safety of our clients and their employees and visitors, as well as for the safeguarding of the facilities and communities we secure.

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Jessica Johnson-Cope

Wilbert Johnson

Dorothy Johnson

CEO & President (current)

I am a business executive who combines experience, communications, and common sense to address my clients' safety and security challenges. I lead the amazing team at Johnson Security Bureau where for over 50 years our family has protected valuable people, places and property. Every day, highly respected organizations and corporations entrust their most valuable assets to me and my team.

Founder (President: 1962-1975)

Wilbert Johnson was a retired New York City patrolman who founded Johnson Security Bureau with his wife Dorothy in 1962 in the State of New York. Initially, Wilbert and Dorothy offered private security services to local businesses, politicians, and entertainers and eventually expanded to provide security services for government agencies, larger businesses, and major corporations.

Wilbert passed in November of 1975.

Founder (President: 1975-1989)

Dorothy Johnson was a retired educator, and founded Johnson Security Bureau with her husband Wilbert in their family home in New York. Dorothy managed the company's finances until Wilbert’s death in 1975 when she took over both the finances and the operations as well. Under Dorothy’s leadership, Johnson Security became the only security agency in the metropolitan New York area whose chief executive was a minority woman. Dorothy passed in 2003.

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