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The CTX 9800 DSi explosive detection system (EDS) uses a proprietary single X-ray source, dual energy design that provides high-resolution 3D images along with 2D and 3D organic/inorganic material discrimination.

These imaging tools enhance the analysis of details and specific structures of suspected threats, allowing for efficient security decisions on all checked bags and cargo packages.

Built on a scalable platform with upgrade capabilities to meet future detection and capacity requirements, the CTX 9800 DSi can be integrated with any baggage-handling system.

The system accepts large and elongated bags of up to 2.5m in length, reducing the need for separate processing of oversized luggage. Using a single conveyor belt, the CTX 9800 reduces bag slippage, and a single X-ray source reduces down-time caused by X-ray-tube failures.

It is also available with networking solutions that link multiple CTX EDS for efficient image distribution and system monitoring and control among operators.

For smaller airports you might be interested in our explosive detection system CTX 5800.

CTX 9800 DSi

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